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St. Anne Sterling Silver Saint Anne Medal on 18 inch stainless Chain

St Anne Sterling Silver Saint Anne Medal on 18 inch stainless Chain

102-510-MD301XT St. Anne Sterling Silver Saint Anne Medals on 18 inch stainless Chain $52.00 wow Sale Price! -> $49.94 Buy St. Anne Sterling Silver Saint Anne Medals on 18 inch stainless ChainCart

    Using our high-speed search and pull down menu Our high-speed search is fast and fun. It instantly accesses our religious medals. We programmed our software so you can use short cryptic searches. For example, searching for "silv mich" produces almost the same as silver michael. and "gol christop" produces about the same resuls as gold christopher.

    Our Fine Sterling Silver 25 inch seamless Chain

    Engraving We can engrave on most religious medals however round medals 18m, dime size, and up look the best because the engraving is centered on all sides and can make the letters larger. Oval medals can be a problem requiring usually only one word per line.

    Items in Stock We have hundreds of religious medals in stock for immediate shipment. If not in stock we quickly air them in.

    Quality Our religious medals are of the highest quality from fine US manufacturers.

    20 inch Chain Many medals come on a 20 inch sterling silver chain. If you prefer an 18 inch instead, please mention it in the comment section at checkout. The price is the same.

    Jump Rings All our religious medals come with jump rings.

    Dime or Ruler Some items are shown with our one inch ruler or a dime coin which measures 11/16 of an inch, or 18m.

    Selecting a medal for a lady We have found ladies prefer oval medals that are 18mm or three quarters of an inch long - no larger and no smaller.

    Selecting a medal for a man or young boy We have found men prefer round medals 25mm or one inch in diameter or width - no larger and no smaller. For young boys we suggest the same since they will soon be men.

    Did you Know That grey or dark look on a religious medal is lacquer and/or varnish manufacturers spray on medals so they don't tarnish. It also bonds with chemicals including polish turning different colors. If the medal has a gray look you should never polish it.

    Customer Satisfaction: Our return within 30 days refund policy.

    Fine Gifts for many occassions: including easter, mother's day, father's day, birthdays, anniversaries and of course the Christmas holiday season. The go search above can access all of our items; plus we can make items that are not shown.

    Rare and Limited: As a result of so many of our manufacturers dropping items and or themselves we now have hundreds of different items in stock that can never be replaced and refer to them as rare and limited.

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